Mike Jones Explains Weight Loss, Talks New Album The Voice


Mike Jones


March 31, 2009 |
Author: Trill Chris
Houston rapper Mike Jones recently revealed the story behind his weight loss and talks about his upcoming album.

“I was almost 300 pounds man. I lost almost 100. I’m 190 right now,” Jones said in a recent interview with BallerStatus.com. “That goes from eating Subway, running on the treadmill, and watching what I eat. I’m trying to make sure I’m the urban Jared right here, baby.”
Jones’ upcoming album The Voice will be his first release since his debut of Who Is Mike Jones? in 2005. With his re-emergence on the scene after being away for four years, Jones decided he wanted to come back with a new look.
“I’ve been away from the market so long, I just wanted to come back with a new look, a new image, and a new sound. Really, the sound been here, but since people say it’s new, it’s new,” said the H-town rapper.
Jones new album will give fans an inside look as to why the rapper was gone for so long.
“I called the album The Voice because I wanted to let people know what the long wait was about, and what happened. I explain the four-year hiatus, and I let people know all the gossip you wanna hear about. That’s why I call it The Voice. It’s best to hear it out my mouth. … I really just wanted to just let my true fans know where I been, and why I was took away from the game, and why this happened and why this happened,” stated Jones.
Mikes first single, “Next To You,” is currently receiving heavy rotation at radio and the video is getting its plays on both MTV and BET. Jones recently revealed that he plans to follow up with “Swag Through The Roof” for his second single.
The voice will feature guest appearances from T.I., Lil Wayne, Plies, and Trey Songz. The songs will receive a-list producers from the likes of Mannie Fresh, Mr. Collipark, and J.R. Rotem, amongst others.
For those interesting in calling the Jones, he gave out his new number: 281-206-4336.
The Voice is schedule to hit stores everywhere April 28.


Watch the interview here:

  • mell

    Who????? Dike Jones! Still whack, gon stay whack!

  • dddkkkk

    and its official…. a terrible flop, terrible, i forgot how much exactly but it was like 20 thousand or something hahahaahhahahaha MIKE WHO?????

  • jared

    well at least if the album flops he can ink a deal to slut it up for subway

  • skorge

    mr non violent lol i’m glad he bak out wit something i hope its hot