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April 13, 2009 |
Ronell Levatte, the business mind behind Big Gates Records who convinced his brother Algernod (better known as Plies) to rap, linked up with Ted Lucas at Slip N Slide and the rest is history.

He says he felt “extremely joyful” upon his release last week and didn’t do anything right away, feeling like it was “a dream.” That moment has passed and this afternoon, Gates is perusing a luxury car dealership in Tampa to pick out an appropriate welcome-home whip (true to form, he didn’t want to say which dealership so as not to give them any “free promotion”).
In case you’re late, Gates has been serving time in Florida due to his alleged involvement with a shooting incident at a 2006 Plies & Lil Boosie show in Gainesville, FL. He was charged with six counts of attempted murder. Firearms were found in the vehicle he was driving, which was registered in his name (and he was a convicted felon already). According to Gates, after being confronted with 90 witnesses the state planned to call at his trial, he took a plea agreement of 3 years (I’m sure some of you would like to meet his lawyer) and although he has now been released, still will remain “heavily monitored” for several months.
Big Gates Records’ upcoming projects include a double CD from Plies, debut albums from R&B singer Chris J and R&B group Unique Image, and the development of a white rapper whom Gates calls “the greatest rapper alive” that he met while incarcerated.
For more details, look out for the full cover story with Gates & Plies in the 7 Year Anniversary edition of OZONE, in stores this May.

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  • stripper

    plies lies when he says he doesnt have a son with a stripper he met at a strip club he was drunk at the time

  • mizzezalgernod

    i swear ppl hate 2 much. algernod lanier washington is my future hubby!!!!!!! i dnt need yall hatin on my bro in law. all u need 2 kno is that he did 3 full years so LET IT GO!!!!!!!!

  • quaneisha


  • Tellin it

    @take the p of plies(lies):
    If take the time and do a lil research for fuk’n idiot Big Gates didn’t serve time for attempted murder! The media always hypt shyt up and dummies like you believe every thing you read.

    Ronell Levatte DC# D30305: Fl Department of Corrections.

    Haters always hatin! That’s why your azz is broke and PLIES is the one shinin,lol. Your broke azz, sitin at home eatin cereal azz fags make me sick.

    Big ups to Plies, keep these sissies guessin.

  • take tha p of plies [lies]

    how tha fuck u have 6 counts of attempted murder and take plea of 3yrs……sound like somebody snitched