• I-75 RIDA

    Thanks MVP. Im sure RO was so worried that you wouldn’t keep it real and I’m sure he was anticipating your response. In addition to that, there is a great hope that RO contacts you for production credits on the remix! F&*kIN TOOL!

  • MVP

    As I am RO listener let me keep it real. the concept is cool, missing just a few ingredients..its close though. maybe it needs more soul and melody in the hook for one thing.. the hook is VERY important especially with a voice like YOURS/ RO. maybe borrow a few more musical concepts from morris day and jimmy jam and terry lewis and put a RO twist on it. add a little more detail in the pimp lyrics like concepts from the book “air tight willie and me” or “stack a dollar” and add a houston/RO twist on it…but above all the HOOK must be soulful and funky at the same time. the hook got to bring chills to you or else its not DOPE!