Breaking News: Shooting Breaks Out At Trae Day Concert, 5 Possibly Wounded



A day that was supposed to honor Houston Rapper Trae’s involvement in his community ended in gun fire.

At approximately 8:30 p.m., 30 minutes after Trae announced to the crowd that the Fire Marshal had shut down Trae Day, roughly ten to 15 shots were fired in the Texas Southern University stadium parking lot. The shots, which rang out in rapid succession, appear to have been fired by an automatic weapon.

Although the festivities were already over, hundreds of people remained, most running for cover as soon as they realized what was going on. According to reports from Fox 26 News, up to five people were shot at several locations around the TSU campus.

Local 2 Houston News has reported that the shots were fired into the crowd from an upper level of the neighboring parking garage, while unconfirmed reports have come in that a separate drive by shooting took place near by.

At press time no arrests have been made in the shooting. Trae was reportedly “angered” and “saddened” by the shootings as his event was aimed at providing for the children and to promote non-violence. Up until the shooting, children were able to enjoy moonwalks, train & horse rides and free school supplies.

Trae was awarded his own day last year by Houston Mayor Bill White, and Council Member Peter Brown, in honor of his outstanding work within the community.