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President Of Don Diva Magazine Gunned Down, Controversial Rick Ross Story To Blame?

17 August 2009 9 Comments By admin

pmannsam-rick-rossA Friday afternoon in Miami rang off abruptly as the sound of bullets left a man dead. Sam Ferguson, President of Don Diva Magazine, was the victim as shots were fired upon his car while he was driving.

Ferguson, 47, was driving north near Griffin Road when bullets rang off onto his vehicle. He then crashed his car into the highway median, where he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities are currently on the search for suspects connected with the crime as their only clue has lead them on the hunt for a black car with clear tail-light lenses. This, however, is the only trail as there are no suspects in the shooting. No additional information has been released as it pertains to the death and an autopsy will discover whether the man was indeed killed by the bullets that stained his car or the actual blunt trauma that could have been caused by the crash.

Tiffany Chiles, editor-in-chief of Don Diva Magazine stated that Ferguson was involved in all aspects of the operation in relation to their publication. She had brought him in close to nine months ago in order to help leave a lasting influence on the Southern Florida region as he was musically and socially connected. Having a troubled past, Chiles added that the magazine was meant to bring something positive into his life and help direct him into a better future.

Ferguson was also a Miami Hip-Hop pioneer and helped bring the bass scene to the forefront. Ferguson, also known as P-Man Sam, received some heat last year from rapper Rick Ross after interviewing him once it was discovered he was a correctional officer prior to becoming a rapper. Ross brought Ferguson with him into his neighborhood for an interview as they were associated before him joining the magazine. Ross became infuriated with Ferguson after seeing an interview with Hip-Hop Weekly as well as a Q & A that was issued in the magazine that was entitled, “Would The Real Rick Ross Stand Up.” Ross was cited as saying that he was offended by what was written and issued a challenge for him to meet him in the streets as it would become deeper than rap.

Police are asking that anyone with information should call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.



  • 305goon

    that soft ass nigga aint shoot nobody, if anything he’s lookin to lock up the niggas that shot em!



  • DJ Roadog

    He can keep that flam ass Maybach music.

  • TN Tony

    Just another case of niggas acting niggerish.

  • pana suffera (sc)

    On some real shit rick ross makes good music. see right now iam in panama and here and the states kids will shoot you. so this dude talkling bout his name is goon dont really know no goons cause u already know. i dont agree with the lock them down shit but how many rappers anit who they say they are? u feel me if most of them were then the feds would be on thier ass or worst its about making money and if u fuck with how a nigga eat what is it to a boss to make u invisible. not say ross got shit to do with it but when u run ya mouth, always be ready for the outcome u already know,see this rap shit is bout money nothing else u can be who ever till the groupies,and fans find out who u are……………………….

  • Antione

    Sorry to the family,4 the lost of P man Sam.The streets is only waiting 4 us to do thing’s like this to one another,”Rick Ross” I’m sorry 4 u brother,but it’s going to be a brother from another Mother that’s going to touch ya. Ur not untouchable, the same way u payed some-body catch a body. the next payment will be 4 u!shot’s fired,the maback man is laid back wit two in cap.Please this is not just rap it’s about who lay flat.

  • da north west lowkey

    its a dam shame firt look u think its da real ric ross but its not u aint got to hate on da fact da man went all out for his interview its all part of da game

  • manny

    Big Sam was my nigga hate to see that bs happen to a good nigga rip big Sam we was in the joint

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