Blog: Are You a Groupie Or A Fan?


groupiesWe all know the chicks who are out there and hit every single club where there are athletes or rappers partying will do anything to to have them.

We also know those chicks who just love their team and music. Groupie vs Fan? What are the differences? There is a big difference between a groupie and fan. Even though some females are both. Here are the differences:


-loves the sport
-very competitive in fantasy football
-loves the talent
-you can not call her on Sunday or Monday night because she is glued to the television
-goes to the games in her favorite players jersey
-knows what a triple double is
-knows what off sides means


-sleeps with the players
-looks up his salary on USA today
-can quote his salary
-likes the athlete for his looks
-goes to the basketball games in five inch heels and finds her way to the family section
-knows nothing about the sport but can name the top ten highest paid players
-shows up to all parties hosted by an athlete (will drive 300 plus miles to get there)

Feel free to add more…

Blog grabbed from HottestInTheHood