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Jay-Z Denies Connection To The Illuminati, Distances Himself From Religion

13 January 2010 12 Comments By chrism

jay-z-illuminatiRap star and mogul Jay-Z has addressed growing speculation and rumors that he is secretly involved with a cult, or a high ranking member of the “Illuminati.”

The rapper appeared on Angie Martinez’ Hot 97 show today (January 12) to promote his latest tour, during an showing that included rapper Young Jeezy and R&B singer Trey Songz.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Jay-Z’s lyrics and videos are filled Masonic imagery throughout the years, including his most recent hits, “Run This Town,” “On To The Next One” and “Empire State of Mind.”

The chatter only grew louder when “On To The Next One” hit the Internet supposedly linking Jay-Z’s music, hand symbols and extraordinary wealth to freemasonry, the Illuminati and even Satanism.

“I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know where it started,” Jay-Z told Angie Martinez today. “No, not me. Never done that before. Why win the world would I do that? That’s retarded.”

The rapper gave some insight into his thoughts on religion, which can also be found in the song “Empire State of Mind.”

A line on “Empire State of Mind” added fuel to the fire when Jay-Z rapped: “Hail Mary to the city,/you’re a virgin/And Jesus can’t save you/life starts when the church ends”

“I believe in God, I believe in one God,” Jay-Z said of his religious background today. “I don’t believe in religion. I think that separates people.”

The rapper quipped that if he did belong to a secret organization, it has not helped him in terms of race and acceptance in general.

“I can’t even get in a golf club in palms springs,‘ Jay-Z joked. “I’m from Marcy.”

As for the imagery in the “On To The Next One” video, Jay-Z admitted to making the video darker than usual.

“As far as how far people are talking it, I guess I’m an entertainer. I entertain. People make up their own things and they run with it.”


  • Young Yung

    Naw, that nigga is a freemason. Way too Many signs pointing towards his involvement in that stuff. Run This Town is demonic and his new video is a clear illustration of that also.

  • John

    JAYZ SUCKS….Another rapper spewing off negativity. This guy is what I hate about music today

  • Guy

    Right,that is why he what owns Rockafella Records?And he couldn’t be a Mason because of (Insert Race Card)?There are entire Masonic Fraternities full of only Blacks called,Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in 1994 for example.Oh yeah,and Kanye West?Well Here is a little trick,take the vowels and swap them around,swap “West” for “East”.What do you get “Kenya East” which has been a big deal Sense Obama’s Election and before it.Soon Jay-Z will have a song or something with some kind of Rothschild connection probably.Also CITI GROUP owns the majority of the 41 floor building at 666 Fifth Ave.(Dang,I knew they were the “Beast”) New York,City.Right across from the “RockaFella Center”.

  • http://www.projectprobe.org Just probing

    First it must be noted that Jay-Z’s claim: “I believe in God, I believe in one God,” is of no significance to the issue at hand as to whether or not he is involved in Freemasonry and the occult. A person can only be a Mason if HE BELIEVES IN GOD. In fact the Bible says that even the devils believe in God and tremble (See James 2: 19). Belief in God is not the all important thing rather it is if one’s definition of God is in keeping with the biblical revelation and more importantly is one willing to submit one’s life to the law of God as set out in the Bible.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Jay-Z’s music and life style does not conform to the law of God as set out in the Bible.

    Secondly, Jay-Z’s denial of being involved in Freemasonry and the occult is perfectly in keeping with the Masonic obligation which permits the Mason to conceal his involvement in the Craft or to deliberately lie about what goes on in the Lodge.

    The following information is cited in the book: The Masonic Report by C.F. McQuaig, who in turn cites (among others) The Hand book of Freemasonry, authored by Edmond Ronayne, Past Master of Keystone Lodge number 639, Chicago Illinois.

    “Question: Are Masons truthful?

    Answer: In the Masonic “Hand Book” p. 74 we read: ‘If your wife, or child, or friend, should ask you anything about your initiation – as, for instance, if your clothes were taken off, if you were blindfolded, if you had a rope around your neck, etc., you conceal…hence, of course, you must deliberately lie about it. It is part of your obligation, nevertheless. But you know if you live in strict obedience to your obligation, you’ll be free from sin’ (Hand book of Freemasonry, p. 74)

    “Question: Are Masons honest?

    Answer: In the Masonic “Hand Book” p. 184, we read: “If you cheat, wrong, or defraud any other society or individual, it is entirely your business. If you cheat the Government even, Masonry cannot and will not touch you, but be very careful not to cheat, wrong, or defraud a Brother Mason or a lodge, whoever else you may defraud; live up to your obligation, and you’ll be free from sin’

    “Question: Are Masons ethical?

    Answer: In the Masonic ‘Hand Book’ p. 183, we read: ‘Whenever you see any of our signs made by a brother Mason, and especially the grand hailing sign of distress, you must always be sure to obey them, even at the risk of your life. If you’re on a jury, and the defendant is a Mason, and makes the Grand Hailing sign, you must obey it; you must disagree with your brother jurors, if necessary, but you must be sure not bring the Mason guilty, for that would bring disgrace upon our order. It may be perjury, to be sure, to do this, but then you’re fulfilling your obligation, and you know if you live up to your obligations you’ll be free from sin’

    “Question: Do Masons practice deceit?

    Answer: In the Masonic “Hand Book” p.183, we read: “You must conceal all the crimes of your brother Masons, except murder and treason, and these only at your own option, and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him. Prevaricate, don’t tell the whole truth in this case, keep his secrets, forget the most important points. It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations, and remember if you live up to your obligation, you’ll be free from sin”

    However, if Jay-Z really isn’t a member of a Masonic Lodge (which I personally doubt very much) it doesn’t change the fact that he is promoting Illuminized Masonic and occult concepts in his music. He is being fed these concepts from somewhere. Either he is simply a dabbler in the occult and is independently incorporating what he learns from varied media on the subject into his music or someone behind the scenes who is actually involved in the Lodge and the occult and is just using Jay-Z as willing stooge to get the message out (somehow I can’t envision the “undisputed king of braggadocio” willing to serve just as a stooge). Either way Satan wins the day with this entertainer.

  • Child of God

    It continues to amaze me how much people try to judge one another. There is only one true judge and we shall meet Him at judgement day. So everyone needs to be more concerned with their own salvation. And people in glass houses should not throw stones…..

  • MereTEE

    well i believe we live in a pretty strange world. we all have different opinions about the many dilemma’s and issues of todays society.
    i personally do not believe Jay-z and one of my idols, Lil Wayne, have any involvement with the Masons or Illuminati.i basically think its total bull because I am of religious values and believe that these artists have been blessed to become more.face it.they went from poor and unknown to incredibly wealthy and successful.why on earth would they part-take on matters that is not only majorly false but extremely demeaning
    i think people do have the right to an opinion but based on this matter and the little “clues/evidence” that’s been “exploited” these artists share their own opinions and choice of words to reflect their truth and honesty and just because they may say something that sounds like something else to somebody else doesnt necessariy mean that what the artists are saying is sending a bad message to others. know one will actually know the truth unless they are of great importance to these artists.

    i guess waht im trying to say is that, people are wasting their time focusing and debating about this. this is 30mins of my life that i;ll never get back. LOL. but yeah, for me, i dont reckon Jay-z is connected to any of this.and neither is LIL WAYNE lol.

    oh and CHILD OF GOD is absolutely right! :)

    GOD BLESS xx

  • god’s destiny

    nope jay-z is apart of the illuminati.why else would they say he’s the best generational rapper when we have lil wayne who doesnt even write his lyrics and we have eminem but honestly most of the music industry is involved in the illuminati somehow whether if they are a freemason or illuminati leader they all worship satan which is unacceptable.satan is nothing but a liar.he’ll promise you riches and fame but when it all comes down to it who’s going to be there when your in time of need:god.satan is going to laugh at all of you that believe that he can give you this huge and powerful kingdom.he’s going to give you a kingdom alright-hell.and im just keepin it real with everyone because i dont think its fair to the children that they have to watch what they listen to and what they watch just becasue people like jay-z,eminem,miley cyrus,kanye west,beyonce and the rest of them want to place subliminal messages in their music.they need to be stopped.its not right and its horrible.they need to be exposed all over the world so people will know what is going on.im going to leave you with signs of illuminati or freemason

    -eyes.if you see anything with eyes on anyhting tae it off immediately.
    -three sixes.this is santanic and against god.
    -three tiger strikes.this means three sixes
    -balphamic signs just like what jay-z puts up
    -all black.black is an evil color and is santanic.

    -everyone please be careful because this is real and is nothingto play with.and to the christian community-continue to have faith in god.he will take care of you.dont worry god will bring these freemason and illuminists to justice and they will beexposd and pay for what they are doing.

  • alisha

    These rappers say they sold their soul to the devil. Dmx, eminem, kanye. Y would u say that to just be talking? If satan tempted Christ in the wilderness, won’t he also tempt man? There is unequivicol proof that luciferians and witches run the rap game and their symbolism is just a small part of their indoctrination and homosexual activities. Lucifer is the ruler of this world system and he comes to kill steal and destroy. Never negate the justice of God. U must obey His Holy Word to be saved. The price to be in the game is too expensive spiritually. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose your soul and don’t be deceived you can lose your soul! Check out lauryn hill’s I get out lyrics and you’ll see its a dirty game!

  • Sakura

    Hey, My names Misauki sakura and i’ve just been told about the Illuminati… Im only 13 and im finding out that my fav artist’s could worship the devil?! How do u think that makes me feel?! Before ppl go around and say random stuff like “Oh eminem is a Illuminati” you should get ur facts right! I could belive it if jay-z was cuz i think he’s possed! He claims he’s never knew what those hand signs were and he copied them! Thats like if u see someone coping the blood gang sign and didn’t know it and u would be accused of being a member! then again have u ever seen hiz eyes? u could tell if he was possed or not by look into his eyes…. if their not a normal color like pitch black or a murky green he’s possed… thats y i think he’s always wereing those shade…. Anyways back 2 the topic… he may be a illuminati….

  • Davids

    This can’t be real! Why on earth would they want to worship the devil?

  • AustinQ.

    Look Jay-z is my favorite artist my dad is a christian pastor you believe what you want and think, but dont just slander peoples name becasue you feel like it. thats life we do what we feel and it doesnt matter who you listen to, its the choices you make during before and after…

  • malvin B

    I liked those guyz,they have their musical talents but they are taking the wrong direction,wasting their talents appeasing a liar ,devil!!! no, i felt so depressed when i had that they worship satan .This spirit has no future New York guys.