Houston Rapper Z-Ro Faces Drug Possession Charge


Written by: Trill Chris

Houston rapper Z-Ro will be reporting to court on March 1 to face a felony drug possession charge from 2009.

The rapper was arrested in February after police found a codeine mixture in the rappers car weighing over 28 grams. This isn’t the first time Z-Ro, real name Joseph Wayne McVey, has been in trouble with the law for possession. Last year, Z-Ro was found not guilty for misdemeanor marijuana possession and in 2003, Z-Ro served time for a codeine conviction that violated his parole.

Z-Ro’s lawyer, Robert Jones, has spoken out in confidence about his client’s innocence. Jones claims that the prescription bottle found in the back seat of the car was a cough medication, prescribed for someone other than the rapper. The trial for Z-Ro is likely to be delayed as the Houston District Attorney is currently seeking to elevate the charges against the rapper.

“Right now, the penalty has been enhanced, so I would have to look that up to see what exactly that is, but I anticipate that he is going to trial because he didn’t do anything, so the penalty is zero,” Jones said in a statement to the Houston Press. “They’re trying to ramp up the charges and make him scared so he’ll take something. It is nothing more than a form of intimidation. It doesn’t change the facts of the case at all.”

Despite not listening to the rappers music, Jones is impressed with the integrity of Z-Ro.

“Everybody who knows his music has told me that he is a purist… And he’s just an honest, forthright person. If he did it, he’ll say he did it.”

Z-Ro has released 13 solo albums since 1998. Some of his critically-acclaimed LPs, such as 2006’s I’m Still Livin’, were released while the rapper was incarcerated. Z-Ro’s latest studio album was 2009’s Cocaine, which featured appearances from Gucci Mane, Lil Flip, Mike D, and Big Pokey.