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Chris Brown’s Alleged Sexy New Girlfriend Draya Michele (Pictures)

8 March 2010 7 Comments By chrism

Chris Brown has a new girl, video vixen model and mother Draya. She’s been tweeting their dates, and The YBF even said she tweeted about quickies.

  • karen

    Chris just be very careful you donot want a woman to set you up in any way to mess up your prodation time so step very lighty. I think jordan sparks should be the one but this girl is pretty but do not put your self in any situation to hurt yourself and career work on making your come back and achive musical highs like Michael Jackson. it will happen for you even if you just do a couple of songs on till your four year is up and then your musical comeback will be really big. But in the mean time visit schools write kids books put out young mens clothing line, do work shop with college students and be a good influence around the world. do not be like rihanna hooking up with partners. you do not need any woman to vidicate you. You need a partner for you are a young man but be careful and step lightly. Please love ya

  • p rough

    damn karen dat was da realest stuff ever said on dis website buy a blogger lol

  • karen

    please donot make mistakes like usher, watch out for gold diggers. you donot want a woman to set you up to mess up your probation time. some woman would take money to do any thing so be very careful and step lightly. donot worry people will forgive you they are just probably watching on to see you do better but in their heart they will forgive you. Let rihanna do all the messing up that guy she is with his eyes look like he has a lot of demons that he is secretly battling with, you can see it in his eyes. rihanna will not get off with this one. trust me.

  • Mz Howard

    WOW it is a sad sad day when you go from international pop star to a stripper at Delilahs. Yea she got in ONE of Fab’s videos after smashing him and all the homies..well congrats? LOL she is from my hometime and unfortunatly i know some girls that still keep up with her and apparently she is currently working on getting preggersssss so watch out chris brown

  • na’shay casey

    wats up chris how are u i am the biggest fan that u would ever have your birth is may 5 your 6 foot probly and u have a brother a twin really i have a lot of your pics i luv u sooo much your my boyfriend kiss ,kiss, kiss.

  • nene

    i think she is nice lookin and people need to live there lives and move on and i think thats what he is doin so live ya life$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ah ah ah

  • nene

    draya you go girl rep reading aka red.murda get it girl