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Lisa Raye’s Sexy Pictures

13 April 2010 2 Comments By chrism

There is no denying that Lisa Raye is a gorgeous woman. We were first introduced to the lovely actress in her breakout role as Diamond in “The Player’s Club” and have seen her in movies and on the small screen. Recently divorced the former first lady of Turks and Caicos Island has turned over a new leaf and stars in her own reality show on the TVOne network titled “The Real McCoy.”


  • wobbles

    im tryna figure which chick ima see 2day pickd up a yung girl lookd like lisa raye..shes still shittin on all these new females like she had ibm ha lisa raye is a bad bad chick

  • squirky48

    this is probrably the finest woman of any race in hollywood,but yet she never makes the most beautiful list,or should i say hollywoods most popular list.you can’t even try to tell me angelina jolie is remotely as beautiful o fine as this lady,if u do u r lying through you teeth.she is just as fine a halley or finer in my oppinion,and who makes the list every year in the top ten.something is wrong here.