Two Men Beat Up After Failed Robbery Attempt At Gucci Mane Video Shoot


Written by: Trill Chris

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, who was recently released from a Fulton County jail, can’t seem to escape controversy.

Gucci has been working non-stop since his release from jail last Wednesday, shooting seven music videos in seven days. Violence erupted on the fourth day while shooting the video for “Anti Social”, leaving two men severely injured. photographer Dennis Byron snapped pictures and detailed the attack.

“A short time after 8:00pm while I was conducting an interview with R & B singer Mila, who is also featured on the ‘Anti Social’ single, I heard a thumping sound and when I turned around I saw these two males sprawled out on the street” said Bryon. “One of the men involved appeared to be unconscious as his body was motionless. The other male appeared to be incoherent when he was being questioned by passerby.”

According to witnesses, the men were seen breaking into cars on the set of the video shoot.

“After the thieves were subdued, the authorities were contacted and paramedics were dispatched” stated Byron. According to the HipHopEnquirer, Gucci Mane & his affiliates were not involved in the fight. Check out pictures of the suspects laid out below: