Police Bust Four BMF Members In Atlanta


Written by: Trill Nadia

Atlanta police believe to be on the verge of ending the Black Mafia Family‘s drug trafficking, who have been found hiding in the city’s most popular regions.

U.S. Marshals arrested Ernest Dennis, along with Jonathan Manigualt, outside of a Buckhead hotel. Both of the men claim to be members of the Black Mafia Family/BMF. Marshals stated that one of the suspects even appeared on Atlanta Police Departments Top 10 Most Wanted.

“Anyone tied to BMF, typically has an extensive criminal history, so we consider them to be very violent,” said Inspector James Ergas, of the U.S. Marshals.

Investigators say the BMF is involved in drug trafficking, and have been within Atlanta since 2004, when federal agents seized a limo with secret compartments concealing nearly a million dollars. In recent weeks, U.S. Marshals and Atlanta police have arrested four BMF members including Ricardo Webb and Tovis Raines.

“We know that they don’t have level of contacts or access to drugs and money the way they had before, so we’re slowly destroying their organization,” said Inspector Ergas.