Interview With Grand Hustle’s Inday: Put’s Yung L.A. On Blast!


In this exclusive interview with KeepItTrill, Inday of Grand Hustle keeps it “TRILL” with us as he breaks down what is his position over at Grand Hustle is and airs out Yung L.A. for his recent antics. First off I would like to welcome you to and to our viewers. I would like to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us for this exclusive one on one interview. Let’s start this interview off by introducing yourself to the people that don’t already know who you are and where you from.

Inday: My name is inday im from the westside of Atlanta, Bankhead Courts to be exact For people that don’t know, what you do over at Grand Hustle? Can you explain what your job title is and what you do?

Inday: I do marketing promotions as well as booking and I have an entertainment company called 313 Ent. How long have you been at Grand Hustle?

Inday: For about 11 years T.I. has been away for awhile now. Have you spoken to him since he went in?

Inday: Yes, we speak often. On this site we keep it trill with our viewers and we need you to keep it “TRILL” with us. In a recent club flyer posted on Yung LA’s twitter page (@YungLACDB), it says Yung LA of Grand Hustle. Is Yung LA still an artist on Grand Hustle?

Inday: Hell No! That f*ck n*gga just wants to keep eating off our brand. That’s what lames do when they can’t eat on they own, but he don’t f*ck with us. Recently WorldStarHipHop released video of Yung LA which in a tattoo shop getting Duct Tape Entertainment logo on his face and mention he got dropped from Grand Hustle. Do you think that was a publicity stunt?

Inday: He didn’t get dropped, he on the shelf like can goods. It’s gonna take some money for him to get out of that paperwork. In the video, LA seemed to be on some type of drugs. When did you notice LA was building a drug problem?

Inday: He been doing drugs, but not the shit he on now. The junkie ass n*gga on zans, lean and coke, but he used to be on kush an sh*t. When you seen these videos that LA has been in, what have the people at Grand Hustle been saying about the situation?

Inday: Really the family was pissed, but after I started my viral assault they was cool because they knew I was gon’ end his career. In the interview with you stated that Yung LA is living with grandmother and is broke is that true?

Inday: I’m dead ass serious. He lives with his grandmother and he don’t even own a car. Sad but true. Why were you going after Yung LA in the first place?

Inday: He a disloyal b*tch that kicks real n*ggas when they down. The sh*t he pulled was a b*tch move. Ya’ll know he would have never pulled that sh*t if TIP was on the street. Keep it one hundred now. In a video on WorldStarHipHop, Duct Tape’s own Alley Boy and his crew beat Yung LA up while Yung LA screamed “I Ain’t Do Sh*t Bra” about 10 times. What’s your opinion about it? Did you see it coming?

Inday: Hey, that’s karma for ya right? You do f*ck sh*t, ya get f*ck sh*t. He had that sh*t coming. He did everything but say I want my ass kicked and yes I was very happy about the whole sh*t. Shout out to the whole D.T.E and salute to my n*gga Alley Boy. As of now, who is on the Grand Hustle roster?

Inday: Mackboney, Killa Mike, 8Ball & MJG, Bola, Shun Hendrix, Young Dro and Spodey. We don’t f*ck with lame ass A.K. Let’s see. B.O.B, The Real Rich Kid Shawty. I can’t remember everyone. If I forgot, my bad. Any new projects you working on at Grand Hustle?

Inday: Yep. I’m working on an independent movie with my folks at Real Hood T.V and me and Dro working on a mixtape called Drocabulary, about to drop real soon What is the best way that producers can send you some beats that want to sign to Grand Hustle?

Inday: DAGREATINDAY@GMAIL.COM How can people get at you on Twitter, Facebook, etc..?

Inday:@DAGREATINDAY and DAGREAT INDAY on Facebook Any shouts out or last words you want to give?

Inday: Salute to all my real n*ggas. If ya f*cking with me, I’m f*cking with you. We looking for real talented rappers, producers and r&b singers. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.