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Wiz Khalifa Gets Amber Rose Tattoo On His Hand & Face

1 April 2011 16 Comments By admin

Written by: Trill Chris

Wiz Khalifa is following the footsteps of rappers to get tattoo’s on their face. Previously, face tatting seemed to have been a trend exclusively for Atlanta rappers, but now the Pittsburgh rap-sensation has joined the face tattoo club.

Wiz recently appeared on Hot 97, where he professed his love for girlfriend Amber Rose to radio host Angie Martinez.

“It’s pretty serious. I really, really dig her. People think it’s an image thing and that we’re just doing it to be crazy, but like, for real, for real, it’s just two great people meeting at a good time…We just like to crack jokes and stuff like that. She’s very down to earth, she’s very realistic, and that’s the way that I am. Just seeing stuff for what it is and not being blinded by the lights. She is womanly. I need that.”

Now, the Taylor Gang leader has made sure that his love for his girlfriend is known by the world. Starting off with a tattoo on his hand with the letters “AMB” inscribed, the rapper went one step further and added a tattoo to his face. The tattoo includes a heart, struck with cupids arrow, with the name “Amber” written across a ribbon.

Will Wiz regret his decision? Will Amber get a matching tattoo? Leave us your comments below. IS THIS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE??


Here’s his new picture two weeks after Rolling Papers Album released with his Afro-hawk

  • NWJD

    Damn wiz, that is not gangsta.

  • prettybishh

    wiz iz soooooooo dumb az a’f Amber rose is the rap game whore/slut WTF waz he thnkn 2 get dis dumb azz tattoo??

  • justin

    that is fake as hell he got amb on his thumb not that on his face lol all his tats are black y would he change that up and get a red heart hahahaha not real at all

  • Riajah

    that was kindaa brazyy for him to get that.

  • Riajah

    he was wrong for that onee there.

  • Sam

    Mmmm, Idk it don’t even look real to me… [[shrugs]] but who knows?? XP

  • tasha nichelle

    wiz yhu cuttin up fa dis one.. dat tat cant b real nd if it is den he a fool cuz she is ntn but a groupie nd baby yhu can do way better than that.. smfh… i aint haten but she aint what dat is tu b ghettin all dat! =)

  • kim


  • Keisha

    his face was goregous and he ruined it!!!
    why??!!! i really want to cry!!!

  • Swaqq


    Any real wiz fan would know this is just a fake. He did an interview saying he would never get anything tatted on the middle of his forehead or on his cheeks. Plus this is clearly photoshopped.

    This is the original picture

  • wizfan!

    wiz uu made dat wrong decision 2 get a tattoo of her on yo face nigga! i realy feel lyk kickin yo azz! :/

  • Tim Jackson

    Wiz and Pittsburgh rapper M.Aii will be a good Collaboration. What yall think, check out M.Aii at http://www.headkrackrecords.com

  • Anti-stupid-fan

    OMG Just open ur eyes this is a picture mounting, Wiz don’t have any tatto like that on his face.

  • Anti-stupid-fan

    Trill Chris, why do u write all that shit about him? Worstreporter ever lol.

  • admin

    It was for April fools… Posted April 1, 2011.

  • morgan

    i dont think its real either, idk he just might be tht dedicated but it doesnt look like a tattoo he wuld get at all, <3 u wiz T.G.O.D