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Album Review: Lloyd – King Of Hearts

5 July 2011 8 Comments By admin

Lloyd aims for the crown with King of Hearts, his fourth album and first since 2008’s Lesson in Love, boasting a royal lineup including André 3000, R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Keri Hilson. The smooth operator and executive producer Polow Da Don craft a star-studded set featuring everything from the hilariously raunchy “Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)” to the politically-minded “World Cry.” Did he deliver a winning hand? Find out below.

USA Today: Producer Polow Da Don provides most of the tracks and injects them with infectious thump, but it’s Lloyd’s energetic but smooth deliveries that create a diverse set of keepers. 3/4

The New York Times: His finest moment remains Street Love, from 2007, one of the frothiest R&B albums in recent memory. In places King of Hearts approaches that album’s cool breeze. It’s produced largely by Polow Da Don, who clearly sees Lloyd as something of a muse. He’s feeling the full range of his lushness here, from the exuberant horns on “Cupid” and a pointedly romantic sax on “Naked” to the clustered, mournful guitars on “This Is 4 My Baby.”

Los Angeles Times: Janelle Monáe, Katy B, The-Dream, Frank Ocean and even Beyoncé have delivered recent efforts that transcend the trappings of modern soul. Lloyd Polite could stand to follow their example and be a little ruder. 2.5/4

The Washington Post: Lloyd holds his own against guest stars such as Chris Brown (on the messy electro-R&B track “Luv Me Girl”) but runs up against the brick wall of pathos and self-pity that is R. Kelly on “World Cry.” It’s slow and obvious (“I hate to see the whole world cry,” goes the chorus; would anyone actually like to see the whole world cry? Or even just some of it?), but purposeful, a future telethon ballad waiting for its disaster to happen.

The Village Voice: The album veers back and forth between unabashed romanticism (the joyously smitten “Cupid,” which follows “Dedication” on the album and very effectively wipes away all that song’s scorn), club-borne lust (“Bang!!!!,” which combines glitchy vocal effects, a mournful choral sample and an astonishing guest boast from the heretofore-unknown Salo), and the brooding, yet unleashed love songs that helped him initially break onto the scene (“Be the One”).

The Boston Globe: The 24-year-old vocalist has an ace up his sleeve in superstar producer Polow Da Don, but the combination can’t deliver a winning hand with this thin set. The problem for Lloyd (beyond his limited range) is weak material, as the songs often never rise above generic booty stomps (“Bang!!!!”) or insipid love songs (“Jigsaw”).

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Dedication to My Ex (Miss That),” “Cupid,” “Be the One,” “Lay It Down”

Props to Rap-Up

  • asia

    King Of Hearts is pure Grammy music. You won’t regret buying it!!!!

  • Lyte

    If you like music, you can not deny the infectious beats and talented voice on this project. There is something for everyone on this album (radio, club, oldheads) Lloyd and Polow have taken time to put out not just the norm or what is expected from R&B. For as many negative critics you list I can find positive including Rolling Stone and Billboard. Do not just go by critics, open your ears and use your own mind.

  • Missy_Raven

    King of Hearts is an amazing album from start to finish! The beats are great, Lloyd’s vocals are incredible, and the chemistry and flow of the album is wonderful! This is some of Lloyd’s best work! Haven’t heard an album this great in years!

  • Meemee

    King Of Hearts Is A Great Album… Lloyds Vocals Are Incredible Followed By Polow Da Dons Amazing Beats.. I Cant Stop Playing The Whole Album Start To Finish Wonderful.. Lloyd Is A Great Artist.. Real Artist Making Real Music.. Hes Def In A League Of His Own..Not Conforming To What Radio And Comemrical Music Believes is Real Music.. Lloyd Is The Best… GRAMMY!!!! GRAMMY!!! Over Due

  • MzDeDaze

    Its been a long time since I’ve been really excited to purchase a CD or even a download from itunes! I have to say that when i got the notification on my ipod that King of Hearts was ready for download… best believe I did it quick fast and in a hurry becuz the snippets that I heard from this album was amazing! I had to have it KOH, which I bought the deluxe from Itunes as well as purchased the CD at best buy. and I have to say that I dont have just 1 favorite song from this album! I love them all!! Lloyd’s vocals are crazy on this album, he really did it big on this one! I honestly believe this is his best work yet! KOH’s IS AMAZING and Polow Da Don put his foot in the production on this set! What more can I say other than “If u love good music and have an ear for old school flavor, then this is the CD to get!” Better yet purchase the Deluxe if its available in ur area becuz the bonus tracks are even better. THIS IS REAL MUSIC TO MY EARS! Thank You Lloyd!

  • Miss Simone

    The album is honestly a HUGE breath of fresh air. It’s exactly what R&B has been missing. With everyone sounding the same now-A-days it’s great to know that Lloyd is staying true to his music and his sound. I love King Of Hearts and I anticipate anything Lloyd creates!

  • Victoria (SecretPink)

    Lloyd & Polow definitely have great chemistry, Lloyd’s vocals (wide range) & Polow’s history of excellent producing skills made King Of Hearts irresistible.. The album features a wide variety of songs to fit everyone’s tastes. I love This is 4 My Baby, Bang!!, Never Window Shopping, King of Hearts (titled track) & Angels. then another time my favs can be Stay, Be The One, etc. it varies, Lloyd varies, he is more than just an ‘R&B singer.’ He is rebellious. He is uncensored & fun (Dedication To My Ex) to understand King of Hearts is to understand Lloyd, and his many contrasts. Perfect 5/5 in my book! <3 Deluxe Edition on iTunes and Target! This album is a must have for the music lover. For anybody. add this to your collection.. on repeat! :)

  • ricky jj

    the king of heart is hot love every track the Bang track is a club banger love to hear from the girl Salo