Atlanta Rapper J-Lie Proves Lil Wayne Stole His Beat For ‘She Will’


Written by: Trill Chris

Lil Wayne is facing controversy over a Carter IV track before the album even hits store shelves.

Lil Wayne’s Young Money team leaked “She Will” on Friday (August 12th), which is a new single off Tha Carter IV featuring Drake. Now, Atlanta rapper J-Lie is coming forward to let it be known that the beat used for the song was his and that he originally recorded it five months ago.

While a lot of people may think this is J-Lie’s attempt at a claim to fame, the young rapper actually has solid proof that he indeed had the song before Lil Wayne released his version to the public. The rapper says “Letting Go”, the original title of the song, was featured on his Local Tourist album that was released this past April. His song also has a music video, which he released on YouTube after behind the scenes footage of Lil Wayne recording his verse to the song hit the internet. The Lucky Rodgers directed video was posted on YouTube one day before Lil Wayne’s version hit the internet and the audio for the song can be found on YouTube as early as February 2011.

Click here to watch the music video for J-Lie “Letting Go” featuring Conflict.

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