Throwback: Mike Jones – Ballin’ Underground Official Mixtape


Whether you like Mike Jones now or not, you can’t deny the impact he had on the Houston & Texas movement with classic mixtapes like this. Check out this Mike Jones classic mixtape, Ballin Underground, below:


1.mike jones-freestyle (8 mile)
2.mike jones-freestyle (what we do is wrong)
3.mike jones-freestyle (truth hurts)
4.mike jones-freestyle (in da club)
5.mike jones-freestyle (doin me wrong)
6.mike jones-freestyle (21 questions)
7.mike jones-freestyle (hey ma)
8.mike jones-freestyle (mesmerize)
9.mike jones-freestyle (poor lil rich)
10.mike jones-freestyle (we ballin)
11.mike jones-freestyle (wanksta)
12.mike jones-a perfect team (ft.dsr)
13.mike jones-freestyle (i get high)
14.mike jones-freestyle (unknown)
15.mike jones-freestyle (hottest of the hot)
16.mike jones-freestyle (move bitch)
17.mike jones-freestyle (pac man)
18.mike jones-freestyle (air force 1s)
19.mike jones-freestyle (got me a model)
20.mike jones-freestyle (dont fail me now)
21.mike jones-freestyle (po folk)
22.mike jones-freestyle (hate blood)
23.mike jones-we ballin (ft.magno and slim thug)
24.mike jones-freestyle (superman anthem)
25.mike jones-freestyle (biggie beat)
26.mike jones-freestyle (quit hatin)
27.mike jones-freestyle (2 many haters)
28.mike jones-day 2 day grindin (ft.magno and chamillion)
29.mike jones-freestyle (throw it up)
30.mike jones-freestyle (hey)
31.mike jones-freestyle (baby)
32.mike jones-freestyle (oops oh my)
33.mike jones-freestyle (call me)
34.mike jones-freestyle (i need a girl)
35.mike jones-freestyle (give me the light)
36.mike jones-freestyle (call the ambulance)
37.mike jones-freestyle (rock the mix remix)
38.mike jones-freestyle (im a soldier)
39.mike jones-freestyle (automatic)
40.mike jones-freestyle (help me)