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Lil Wayne Sex Tape With Nicki Minaj?

28 September 2011 3 Comments By admin

We’ve all heard rumor’s of sex-tapes with Nicki Minaj, but unfortunately for us men that rumor has never held to be true. Now, the latest rumor circulating is about a sex tape recorded by rap-star Lil Wayne with Young Money’s first lady: Nicki Minaj.

The latest rumor comes from MediaTakeOut, which we know is RARELY a reliable source, but the thought of a sex tape of the Trinidadian beauty is very intriguing to the mind!

According to MediaTakeOut:

A new sextape exists which shows rapper Lil Wayne GETTING IT IN with a woman . . . and that woman appears to be NICKI MINAJ!!!

A group of men from New Orleans are selling the tape, and they gave MediaTakeOut.com an IMPROMPTU SCREENING. The video, we were told is approximately 3 years old and it was taken by Lil Wayne.

The tape circulated amongst Weezy’s boys and found its way into the hands of some entrepreneurial HOOD DUDES.

The cost of the footage . . .. 150 RACKS!!! Too rich for our blood. But it may find its way onto another site . . .

Do you think this sex tape exists? If so, would you watch it?

  • nicki

    That totally sucks because I really started to like her. It’s a pity they all have to go down that route… if you know what I mean…

  • asdasder

    Nicki Minaj now is the most famous rap singer. And the indescribable person on stage. But, unfortunately, like all people, she has defect in past. To our delight that this defect is Nicki Minaj sex tape, which recorded before Nicki Minaj became famous.
    You just need to check Nicki Minaj sextape and realize how hot this ebony chick in bed.

    Yes the Link is here: http://nickiminajsextapeonline.org

  • nicki

    That is pretty ridiculous that people would even believe that. If that tape was real it would have been featured on all the big news sites by now…