Basketball Wives’ Draya Michele Slept With Gilbert Arenas & Deshawn Stevenson?


Draya Michele has been a hot topic in the reality world and on the internet lately. The former girlfriend to Chris Brown recently had a highly publicized argument with Laura Govan on Basket Ball Wive’s L.A. , where they squashed their “beef” in an MMA fight due to a police report filed by Laura for Draya neglecting her children. In the most recent episode of BBWLA, Draya was apologizing to Laura, leaving everyone confused. Now we find out that the REAL argument was over Draya having sex with Laura’s baby daddy of 4 – NBA star Gilbert Arenas. Check out the interview below with Reach Around radio to find out all of the details. (Skip to the 1hr 44minute mark for the good stuff)

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On last week’s episode when Draya was arguing with the rest of the women about the kid situation, come to find out that’s not what they were really arguing about. It was edited. Basically Laura was mad with Draya because she effed Gilbert Arenas. She did it at the stadium. And also Deshawn Stevenson the same night. She called her out on it. Gilbert is backing this story up. He may be telling it on the reunion show. He’s not denying it. He says he passed her on to his two homies the same day.

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