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Wiz Khalifa Cheating On Amber Rose With Draya Michele? Caught Creeping

22 December 2011 2 Comments By admin

Did Wiz cheat on Amber with Draya? Boy that PA connection is strong! Did the Pittsburgh youngin’ creep on his Philly jawn with that famous ex-stripper from Reading?

So… April? Amber and Wiz were definitely on at that point. Draya has made some claims that these are old photos and she’s cool w/ Amb. Who really knows with this crew. We can’t rule out some swinging amongst this bunch riiiiiiiight?

Check out the photos when you continue…

As reported by Bossip

  • Trill Talk

    *Wiz Khalifa Laff* ahahahahaha shit i hope he did then everyone would stop lookn at homey like a simp. Shit plus as far as i see it amber rose aint bringin in but a couple checks from her smirnoff commercials and that dj show. Yea its more money than im makin but that bitch aint gon do that forever and look wat wiz is doin single after single show after show and hes gotta movie kumn out soon! That boy is stackin that bitch is dead weight.. FREE BOOSIE BOO

  • Lex

    He should be with Draya she is soooo much more beautiful than Amber Rose & she isnt a industry hoe like Amber ;)