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Drake Lost VIBE Cover For Acting Like A Diva?

27 February 2012 10 Comments By admin

Rumor has it Drake was supposed to be on the cover of the February issue of VIBE , but he came to the set eight hours late and refused to cooperate with the styling for the issue.

VIBE contributor Lola Ogunnaike revealed:
“He was slated to appear on the cover of VIBE magazine to accompany this story [The Dark Side of Aubrey Graham]. But he fouled that up when he arrived more than eight hours late to the shoot and refused to wear any of the wardrobe provided for him.”

“He brought his own clothes, which was mostly Hemès and leather bomber jackets,” revealed a source at the shoot. “But it was a shoot about spring fashion. He was going on and on about wearing his leather bomber, and wasn’t letting it go. He said the [female] stylist was too aggressive, that he wasn’t a model and he wasn’t feeling the vibe. He hopped in his SUV and left.”

Do you think Drake had a good reason to walk out n the shoot? One man’s loss is another man’s gain…or in this case – woman! Nicki Minaj ended up scoring the cover instead. Check out Nicki’s cover below:

As reported by AHH

  • Dro

    Drake is a bitch. You get an opportunity like this and you’re so ungrateful. Go back to being humble or was that fake also?

  • jay

    Maybe they wanted Drake to wear what Nicki Manaj was wearing.

  • KeepItReal

    You get an opportunity like this and you’re so ungrateful. Enjoy success while its here. It doesnt last forever…

  • devy

    so yall think he’s the only one that did this? u think jay z did every magazine cover he was offered? he wasn’t feelin it so he bounced.. at least he was keepin it real rather then doing something he didn’t want to do

  • RealHIPHOP

    Let’s be real here. He is a Herb Gump A** Nucca…lol…..ACTOR ACTING like a RAPPER. He feeling himself and being humble doesn’t exist. You know what the shoot is about BEFORE you except,correct? Spring and Leather works well together smh….Real women see STRAIGHT threw this cornball the ones that don’t are fame and money hungry.

  • Phatninja

    Comon guys……..if he wasn’t fillin it than he wasn’t fillin it…..sides all the shit was probably gay anyways

  • Lil Giant

    They say he is gay anyway !!!!

  • Yung B

    Drake is a fag they should’ve got a real rapper like me

  • B ry

    hes got money he can do what he wants.

  • Dion

    after seeing the cover im glad my fellow canadian did what he did the nigga sticks to his guns , top shotta on his terms if you cant respect that you cant respect yourself .. do what makes you feel proper fam 416 647 905 and so on ya zee