New Photos Of Lil Boosie From Prison


Baton Rouge rapper Torence Hatch, aka Lil Boosie, was found NOT guilty of murder on May 11th, 2012. The jury deliberated for about an hour. Hatch and his defense team hugged and began crying once the verdict was read.

“All I can do is give the glory to God because I knew he was never guilty,” said Connie Hatch, the rapper’s mother. “We knew from the beginning he was never guilty.”

Now being June 20, 2012, Lil Boosie fans are patiently waiting for him to return home. The rapper mailed the Staff and Crew of the most recent photos of himself to let the fans know he’s OK.

Lil Boosie is not so little anymore.

Also check out the new photo of Lil Boosie and C-Murder taken together this month in Louisiana Angola Prison.
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