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Trae Tha Truth Shot, Three Others Killed At Houston Club

20 June 2012 7 Comments By admin

Written by: Trill Chris

Rapper Trae Tha Truth was shot late Tuesday night after gunfire erupted outside of Scores Cabaret in Houston.

Details surrounding the shooting are still unclear, but it has been reported that Trae has suffered a shot to the shoulder and is expected to make a recovery. Three others, however, were not so lucky. Trae’s fellow ABN family fembers, Dinky D & Poppa C, were among three who suffered fatal wounds during the shootout. A currently unknown female also lost her life.

According to ABC13, there were more than 100 people in the club parking lot at the time of the shooting. The shooting took place as people were exiting the club following a Juneteenth concert, where Trae was one of the performers. According to reports, roughly 20 gunshots were fired into the crowd of people and witnesses claimed to have seen four bodies lying in the parking lot following the shooting.

“I came up here and my sister is dead. I got out of my bed because my sister is dead,” one woman said.

“I didn’t see any shooters. It was more than one because there were too many gunshots” said eyewitness Rick Cook.

Currently, no arrests have been made.

Trae was awarded his own holiday in the city of Houston in 2008, after former mayor Bill White recognized him for his outstanding involvement in the community.

Trae is a VERY close friend to the Keep It Trill family and we ask that you please pray for his recovery, his family and the families of all of the victims from the shooting.

Trae is doing fine after surgery.

  • http://thafederation.com/ Mr Shank

    Damn, gotta stay strapped now, too bad there was no return fire. Sad thing is there will likely be retaliation and others will fall. Probably over some BS.

  • 2trill

    remember wut happend 2 clip-d just recently? clubs r 2 dangerous. niggaz get caught slippin n end up fallin victim 2 sum jelous niggaz hollowz.

  • Chris Willis

    1st of all glad to see dude is alive and well.

    now for the tough part…

    Its getting increasingly difficult to defend the genre of music I love. Rap music has forever been a driving force in my life, in good times, through bad times, and everywhere in between. I am always defending the music when people blame it for the evil deeds of humans while ignoring the millions of supporters who are doing good. But I wish I could ask Trae, as a fan for the past 13 years, what is the motive in throwing up the \Westside\ in your first picture after nearly being killed? Its a gang sign, plain and simple. Whether its actively taking part in the lifestyle or just supporting it, you’re supporting a concept that has no defense as anything but counter productive and evil. Its the driving force behind what got Trae shot and its high time these artists simply stop endorsing it. What the fuck has a gang done for anyone?

  • Chris Willis

    I say all this out of disappointment. Trae is an artist who has done nearly just as much to stop senseless violence in the community as he has in the music industry. So what sense does it make to throw up a indisputable sign with roots in the same evil he works hard to stop? I don’t see soldiers waving the flag of a terrorist group. Pro life supporters wearing pro choice t-shirts. That “W” Trae seems to forget has a history that no undoubtedly comes from gang life and if he is against the evil that nearly took his life as it has of so many innocent people (including a number of his peers and friends), he should consider switching up his sign to a more appropriate one. Peace.

  • Mara

    Love Trae & Z-ro music, but definitely in agreement with Chris regarding this west side, this side, that side nonsense…


  • Anyone Home

    Trae will continue to throw up whatever sign he wants and show no fear of the consequences because he’s real and there is no fear in a real person. Leave the political correct game for sell outs.

  • Kyle Ross Lawrence Glasgow

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