Trilluminati Shirts Now Available For $15.95…Don’t Let The Devil In! (Free Wrist Band)


If you regularly read this website or are generally knowledgeable of conspiracies within the hip-hop industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the globalist, power hungry group known as the “Illuminati”.

Everyone from Jay-Z & Beyonce, Chris Brown, DMX, Nicki Minaj & A$AP Rocky have been accused of being members of the illuminati. More recently, even 2 Chainz‘ name has been accused of being associated with the satanic-worshiping  money-elite. Conspiracy theorists even allude to Amy Winehouse‘s death being attributed to her leaving the “secret” society. Last year, legendary UGK rapper Bun B gave his stance on the Illuminati during a discussion panel at Rice University.

At Keep It Trill, we highly doubt the existence of such a secret society but, like Bun, we obviously can’t confirm. One thing for sure is we definitely don’t like the rhetoric and negative connotations associated with the Illuminati. In response, we have now come up with an idea for a clothing brand that is based on being anti-illuminati. The name? Trilluminati. Our slogan? “Don’t Let The Devil In”.

Check out our first designs below and be sure to order a shirt (or more) at for only $24.95 (while supplies last!)

Black (alternate logo)


Navy Blue

Military Green (alternate logo)


Trilluminati wrist bands for only $5.95 (free with shirt purchase)!

FYI to all of the bootleggers and people who are thinking about using the Trilluminati name: we have the power of trademark and we WILL find you and make you pay up ;)