Roscoe Dash Calls Out Kanye West & Wale For Not Giving Him Credit For Songs


Atlanta rapper Roscoe Dash tweeted earlier that he wrote G.O.O.D Music CEO Kanye West’s song To The World, which is the opening track on the G.O.O.D Music compilation album Cruel Summer. He also said he wrote Wale’s Lotus Flower Bomb, which features Miguel.

Roscoe tweeted that he wrote the songs as favors to the artists because he looked up to them, and was extremely let down when he received no credit for his work. He said he feels taken advantage of, and wanted to go public with this information because “there are so many people who want to be part of the industry, but don’t know half the sh** that goes on.”

A harsh reality that the rapper has come to learn is that “no matter how humble and generous you are to people, n*ggaz will take everything you have. Even n*ggaz you look up to.”

Roscoe said he wrote Lotus Flower Bomb before Wale even signed with Rick Ross’ record label MMG, and the song went to #1, “but nobody would know that because I’m not in the credits,” he tweeted.

“The most talented people get the least credit for everything and the crazy part is they put in the MOST work,” the rapper added.

As reported by YR