Top 10 UGK Songs Of All Time


Written by: Trill Chris

With as large and solid of a catalog that Pimp C & Bun B have put together through UGK, it’s clearly impossible to name their top 10 songs of all time. Whether you’re from the hood or the suburbs, UGK has crossed the barrier on many occasions by giving us many songs that we can relate to. With 6 studio albums and 2 ep’s under their belt, there is more than enough UGK material to go around for us all…. and while certain songs may have more meaning to you than others, this is my favorite/top 10 list of songs from the Underground Kingz:

10. Tell Me Something Good – A classic remake of a classic song.

9. Choppin Blades – …..Although I wonder if Bun still thinks people need to stop putting swangers on a Benz, seeing as these wheels are more popular now than ever.

8. Living this life – While there could be debate on this song, this song is really trippy to me and hits close to home… considering the death of Pimp C soon after it’s release. Pimp’s lyrics almost prophesied his fate.

7. Hi Life – I definitely can’t say that I can relate to this song, but Pimp & Bun paint a clear picture on the struggles of living the street life.

6. International Player’s Anthem (featuring Outkast) – This song signaled that the kings still reigned supreme in the hip-hop realm; 20 years after they began. Not to mention Outkast is always considered alongside UGK as the “best hip-hop group of all time”.

5. Murder – Perhaps the coldest verse Bun B ever laid is on this song. Pimp’s verse isn’t one to take lightly either.

4. Ain’t That A Bitch (featuring Devin The Dude) – A song that every man should listen to. Period.

3. One Day – This song is just too real to ignore and hits home now more than ever since Pimp C passed away.

2. Diamonds & Wood – This song was released when I was only 10 years old and it was the first song I ever listened to from UGK. I instantly became a life-long fan.

We have finally reached the end of the list and of course there are plenty of other songs that I absolutely love from UGK; such as “Wood Wheel”, “Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride” and “Left It Wet For Ya”, among others, but in my mind you can’t deny the following as the number one song of all time from UGK:

1. Pocket Full Of Stones – I was only 6years old when this song was released, but this is clearly number one as it woke up the world to the sound of UGK’s trademarked “country rap tunes”. This song also had it’s Hollywood debut in Menace 2 Society, which was HUGE.