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Not So Innocent: Trayvon Martin Burglaries Covered Up By Police & Media

29 June 2013 7 Comments By chrism

UPDATE: George Zimmerman found NOT GUILTY! Check out our thoughts here: The Real Injustice For Trayvon Martin: How The Media Caused Biased Hatred Towards George Zimmerman

A twist in the Travyon Martin case was just revealed, as documents released show that the young and “innocent” Trayvon Martin had a criminal track record.

Don’t get it twisted, we in no way support or defend George Zimmerman, but we think the court of public opinion has also been very unjust toward him – and this is why we have REAL trials in a court of law. Personally, we think Travyon AND Zimmerman were BOTH at fault (read the bottom of the article for how WE think it went down).

Check out the new information that proves Travyon WAS just another young, troubled kid – and not the innocent child as portrayed by the media:

If it were not for Frances Robles writing a Miami Herald article on March 26th 2012, an entire chain of events would not have taken place.

It was that Robles article, and the outlining of the Miami-Dade School Police Department’s report on a Trayvon Martin incident from October 2011, that kicked off an internal investigation by M-DSPD Police Chief Hurley against his own officers to find out who leaked the police report.

[Note: The Miami-Dade Public School System has its own Police force, and Chief, who report to the School Board and Superintendent - Not the Police Dept. The Police Chief is appointed by the School Superintendent, in this example, Alberto Carvalho]


It was that M-DSPD internal affairs investigation which revealed in October 2011 Trayvon Martin was searched by School Resource Officer, Darryl Dunn. The search of Trayvon Martin’s backpack turned up at least 12 pcs of ladies jewelry, and a man’s watch, in addition to a flat head screwdriver described as “a burglary tool”.

When Trayvon was questioned about who owned the jewelry and where it came from, he claimed he was just holding it for a “friend”. A “friend” he would not name.

Later, after the police report was outlined in the Robles article, and despite Trayvon being suspended for the second time in a new school year, Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, said Trayvon’s dad, Tracy Martin, and Trayvon’s mom, Sybrina Fulton, did not know anything about the jewelry case.

It was only as a consequence of the M-DSPD internal affairs investigation that “why” they may not have known came to light.



On October 21st 2011 a burglary took place a few blocks from Krop Senior High School where Trayvon Martin attended. The stolen property outlined in the Miami-Dade Police Report (PD111021-422483) matches the descriptive presented by SRO Dunn in his School Police report 2011-11477.

However, there was ONE big issue. SRO Dunn never filed a criminal report, nor opened a criminal investigation, surrounding the stolen jewelry. Instead, and as a result of pressure from M-DSPD Chief Hurley to avoid criminal reports for black male students, Dunn wrote up the jewelry as “found items”, and transferred them, along with the burglary tool, to the Miami-Dade Police property room where they sat on a shelf unassigned to anyone for investigation.

A separate report of “criminal Mischief” (T-08809) was filed for the additional issue of writing “WTF” on a school locker. [It was the search for the marker used to write the graffiti that led to the backpack search].

The school discipline, “suspension”, was attached to the graffiti and not the stolen jewelry.


The connections between the Police Burglary report and the School Report of “found items” were never made because the regular police detective in charge of the Burglary case had no idea the School Police Dept. had filed a “found items” report.

Two differing police departments, and the School Officer, Dunn, intentionally took the criminal element out of the equation – instead preferring “school discipline” and not “criminal adjudication”.

It was only when the M-DSPD Internal Affairs investigation kicked in, and six officers gave sworn affidavits, the manipulative scheme to improve criminal statistics within the School System were identified openly.

School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho gave his hire, Police Chief Hurley, instructions to reduce the criminal behavior of young black males. The chosen strategy between them, to insure optical success, was to stop using the Criminal Justice System to punish black student behavior. Instead they instructed the School Resource Officers to use school discipline in place of criminal justice.

Another approach was the use of The Baker Act, to quantify behaviors under health HIPPA law secrecy by assigning the students with psychological problems. This allowed them to again use school discipline and work around criminal reports.

Without the reports, the statistics would improve immensely; And improve they did.


The final approach, to insure no-one would find out about the manipulation, was to change the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for inter-agency information sharing.

This new SOP was outlined by a communications directive in 2010 forbidding the sharing of Miami-Dade School Police reports to outside agencies without redaction. Officers had to send any and all requests through the public information officer.

Hence, the furor of Chief Hurley when the Robles article hit the press and cited police reports – Hurley smelled a leaker and launched an investigation.

Ultimately the internal affairs investigation initiated by Hurley led to his own firing, because the officers questioned told the internal affairs investigators the truth of what was going on and outed the scheme.

One of the examples of this in action was the jewelry incident and Trayvon Martin – as accidentally outlined in the Herald report. But the Herald never knew their reporting had launched an internal affairs investigation which led to the collapse of the scheme.

Meanwhile the stolen jewelry from the burglary (PD111021-422483) was sitting on a shelf in the Property Room listed as (2011-11477 “found items) gathering dust.

Until we started digging, and the FOIA requests revealed not only the scheme, but the fact a victim was never made whole with the return of their items.


This is how we think it all went down between Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman:

Zimmerman, an over-zealous neighborhood watch who felt too confident because he had a gun, let his racial suspicions follow Trayvon. Trayvon, while doing nothing wrong by walking down the street, is a troubled young man and decided to be a “tough guy” too – when Zimmerman confronted him. The two tough guys with something to prove are now face to face. When things escalated, the young  Trayvon started to beat Zimmermans ass, which surprised and scared the crap out of Zimmerman. He couldn’t defend himself, so the coward in Zimmerman prevailed, and he shot Trayvon.

Both of them are young punks, who were trying to be tough guys… only Trayvon had to pay for it with his life. Trayvon may have still been alive today had the school not covered up his crime. In jail, but still alive.

  • Jorge

    First there was the prosecution’s “star witness” who admitted on the stand of lying and could not even read her own letter, which she then stated was actually written by someone else. Now we have yet another prosecution witness who clearly outlines that it was Trayvon Martin who was on top of George Zimmerman, beating the smaller Zimmerman with repeated blows as Zimmerman cried out for help. This testimony confirms what George Zimmerman told the Sanford police that night. It is testimony that the special prosecutor assigned to the case, already knew about. So why then, is George Zimmerman even on trial?

  • Smile

    Trayvon being killed has nothing to do with his past…………..

  • Jessie

    It’s not self defense if the police tell you to stay your a*+ in the car and you confront the kid..point blank period ..leave the crime fighting to the authorities….idk give a damn of he robbed a bank he didn’t deserve to die at 17 who knows who or what he could have grown into…

  • Carl

    To answer the above question of why he is on trial, as far as I know you cannot legally shoot a person every time you get into a fight because you can’t win the fight especially when the fight was caused by your pursuit of the other person.

  • LaTika Donae’ Muhammad


  • https://twitter.com/trillchris TRILL

    The purpose of this story was to stop portraying Trayvon as some innocent little preppy kid that they show on the news… because that is not who he was. Whether Zimmerman was in the wrong for following him or not doesn’t necessarily mean that he was at fault 100% We don’t know if Trayvon attacked him first, or if Zimmerman attacked first. Basically, we want the real evidence to come out in COURT instead of people automatically accusing Zimmerman and sending him death threats. We aren’t taking sides and are suggesting that other people do the same. Mob rule can be a scary thing, especially if you are on the wrong side. What if it were you?

  • InOhio

    First, let me say, I’m sorry Trayvon is dead.

    I think, though, that the media has done no one any favors by continually publishing photos of Trayvon as a smiling little 12 year old kid. This was NOT the Trayvon that George Zimmerman was facing that night. Let’s make it a level playing field, and show the pictures of Trayvon flipping off the camera or looking very angry; at least age-appropriate pictures of him.

    I feel they were BOTH at fault. Zimmerman was too quick to act; however, let’s not pretend that Trayvon quietly and respectfully said, “Sir, I am just going to my dad’s house, over there,” and started to walk away. There had to be some type of inflammable exchange between them.

    If Trayvon had simply been non-confrontational and turned to walk away, he’d probably still be alive.
    And since almost everyone and their brother has a gun these days, shouldn’t we all act as if the person we’re interacting with has one?

    They’re both at fault for what happened that night. Let’s not make Trayvon into an innocent little 12 year old kid with a big of skittles. He was a 17 year old kid with attitude who couldn’t just turn and walk away, you can see it in his pictures. That attitude, combined with a guy with a gun are what got him killed.