Lil Boosie’s Mother Gives Update On Her Son’s Prison Sentence


Written by: Trill Chris


Lil Boosie is said to be coming home soon, but rumors of a November 2014 release date are false, according to his mother.

According to Boosie’s mother, Ms. Connie, Boosie has been doing fine while in prison; though there are some health concerns.

“Torence is doing fine, he’s in population now, he’s exercising and writing. He calls home everyday. He is working a job inside the prison, he was working 7 days but due to his health, his lawyer called the Warden and he agreed to let him work 5 days.”

Lil Boosie, real name Torrence Hatch, is diabetic and has plans to start a foundation for juvenile diabetes upon his release from prison. The rapper has also written the script for a new movie and has some new songs ready to be recorded as well.

“He has written 57 songs 2 are gospel songs, which he plans to release first” Ms. Connie stated. “He has several offers [for record deals]. At this time we’re not allowed to discuss the details. But he also has his own label” she continued.

Boosie has seen tremendous support from fans and the music industry since being locked up, but only two rappers have made a real impact on the incarcerated rappers way of life.

“There are two who check on us weekly and puts money on his books. That’s Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti, they have been a blessing to our family. I will never forget them because they are what you call true friends. A lot of people yell “Free Boosie” and it’s just talk, bless them but these two are saying it and putting action behind it”.

Keep It Trill will continue to keep you updated on further developments regarding Lil Boosie.

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