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Lil Wayne – Dedication 5 Official Mixtape (Hosted by DJ Drama)

30 August 2013 25 Comments By chrism

Listen and download Lil Wayne – Dedication 5 Official Mixtape by DJ Drama



01. I’m Good feat. The Weeknd
02. How Dedicated
03. Don’t Kill
04. New Slaves
05. Dram & Weezy
06. Typa Way feat. T.I.
07. You Song feat. Chance The Rapper
09. Ain’t Worried feat. Euro & Jae Millz
10. Started
11. New Signees to Young Money?
12. Live Life feat. Euro & TO
13. Itchin
14. Way I’m Ballin Feat. Future, Mack Maine & Birdman
15. Fortune Teller Interlude
16. Thinkin About You
17. Pure Colombia
18. Bugatti
19. Still Got The Rock
20. Competition Interlude
23. Levels feat. Vado
24. Living Legend Interlude
25. Cream feat. Euro
26. Devastation feat. Gudda Gudda
27. Fuckin Problem feat. Euro & Kidd Kidd
28. Feds Watchin feat. 2 Chainz & T.I.
29. Luv



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  • The Villain

    Fuck Lil’ Wayne

  • Traune101

    says the guy who drops the soap in the locker room

  • Traune101

    says the guy who drops the soap on purpose faggot

  • JBeez


  • Dominick Henderson

    if you leave a stupid/bad comment as of lil wayne blah blah blah means you wanted too suck him and listen too his shit but wasnt available for you too listen too sooo fuck off you low life fags go listen too jayz and kayne west

  • The Villain

    stop hatin you bitches! #trapgod

  • manny

    So much for yesterday lmao just like a nigga never on time for anything lol

  • austin

    they have to take the time to look for the download for his tape, and comment bad shit. if its so bad, don’t look for the download next time fucking tards

  • http://www.twitter.com/JajuaneB Verified @JajuaneB

    This nigga said fuck Lil Wayne but yet you on a site looking for his new Mixtape! FOH

  • The Villain

    weezy just told me he aint gonna drop it today

  • The Villain

    get off dude dick man

  • Traune101

    1st im not gay so im not on nobodies dick 2nd if you hate the fuck you on a post about him. fuck outa here bitch

  • Traune101

    Aint nobody hatin on you. punk culo perra blanca. Consigue que el esperma fuera del ojo y ver que aquí está el mejor rapero vivo perra ya


    Just Finished


    I don’t know what kind of locker rooms you be in but in the locker rooms I’ve been in you don’t have to worry about dropping the soap….

  • Kevis ElMenace Sardin Jr

    Says the guy who only gets pussy from his cat.

  • Em vs Wayne

    Cant wait 4 wayne herd it will.leak at 0200 hrs but at the same time i really just wanna hear some eminem off his album MMLP2 Coming in Nov 5

  • The Villain

    Fuck You

  • Bayside

    Holy fuck my dude, do you know the difference between To & Too?

  • Calicode

    Man I’m goin to sleep fuck this nigga, playin with my emotions and shit LMAO

  • Sam

    its under the live stream

  • Sam305

    its under Listen/stream:

  • Trill Mister

    @StackztooTrill That Chance the rapper joint the hardest one so far.

  • Patricia Grover

    j millz is nice

  • Chris Simmons

    3 good songs out of 29.