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[8 Jul 2014 | Leave A Comment]
Bloody Weekend in Chicago Reaches 82 Shootings and 14 Dead

The spree of shootings in Chicago during the long holiday weekend reached 82 incidents and included 14 deaths, according to a tabulation of police reports.

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[9 Jun 2014 | Leave A Comment]
2 Dead & More Injured When People Dive into a Septic Tank After Phone Falls In The Toilet

Two individuals suffocated and several others were reportedly injured after a woman dropped her cell phone in a toilet in Xinxiang City, Henan province, China.

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[5 Jun 2014 | Leave A Comment]
Funeral Details Released For Dr. Maya Angelou

Funeral services for Dr. Maya Angelou will be live at Wake Forrest University on Saturday June 7 at .

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[3 Jun 2014 | Leave A Comment]
It's Illegal in 33 Cities to Feed Homeless People

33 cities across the United States have implemented similar policies, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

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[25 May 2014 | Leave A Comment]
Cops Kill A Man For Walking Away From Them

BenSwan Reports; Salinas, Cal.- Police officers in Salinas, California shot and killed a man they allege swung garden shears at them on a busy street corner.
The officers responded to a report that a man on Elkington Avenue, at 12:14 p.m., had attempted to break into a home and was threatening to kill them, according to the police.
Officers found the suspect walking down Elkington Avenue, as captured on a witnesses cell phone camera. The police allege that the suspect had gardening shears in his backpack.
Subsequently the officers demanded that the man …

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[24 Mar 2014 | Leave A Comment]
Blue Line Train Derails At O’Hare

Thirty-two people were injured when a CTA Blue Line train jumped the tracks and climbed up an escalator at the O’Hare Airport station early Monday, officials said.

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[24 Mar 2014 | Leave A Comment]
Missing Malaysian Plane Crashed Near Australian Coast

New satellite data reveals that missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 “ended” in a “remote location” of the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said today.

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[27 Feb 2014 | Leave A Comment]
Are You Serious!? Man Sues McDonald's For $1.5 Million Over Napkins

TMZ reports that man filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s because he only received one napkin with his meal.

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[17 Feb 2014 | Leave A Comment]
2014 Farm Bill & the Legalization of Hemp

Editor of Millennial Magazine, Britt Hysen, discusses the 2014 Farm Bill and the necessity for the legalization of hemp as an agricultural commodity.

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[15 Jan 2014 | Leave A Comment]
Former Officer Shot 28 Times by Chicago Cops - Who's Lying?

The Grio is reporting on the case of Howard Morgan, a 61-year old man who was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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[6 Nov 2013 | Leave A Comment]
 Man Tackles Robber & Beats Him With His Own Gun

At 1:30am on Saturday morning, a robber in Delaware County messed with the wrong guy.

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[7 Oct 2013 | Leave A Comment]
3 People Shot Waiting In Line For Air Jordan V Bel Airs?

Three people waiting on line (or near a line) for a pair of limited edition Air Jordan V “Bel Airs” caught bullets instead on early Saturday morning (Oct. 5) in Delaware.

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[20 Sep 2013 | Leave A Comment]
Republican Senator Rand Paul Wants To Reinstate Voting Rights For Black Men

In a recent speech, Rand Paul has spoken out against strict mandatory minimum sentences that disproportionally effect minorities, while also advocating for reinstating voting rights & gun ownership rights for those who have served their time.

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[20 Sep 2013 | Leave A Comment]
NASA will pay you $18,000 to lie in bed for 70 days

They’ll pay you about $18,000. You can read books, play on the computer, watch television, even work — but you have to stay in the bed, lying down.

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[12 Sep 2013 | Leave A Comment]
Police out of control as Man Arrested For Walking on Wrong Side of the Road

A Florida man is suing the sheriff’s office in the county where he lives for throwing him in jail and putting him on trial for walking on the wrong side of the road.

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[20 Aug 2013 | Leave A Comment]
NSA Uses Copyright Claim To Stop Criticism & Kill Free Speech

Can a government agency block criticism by claiming copyright infringement?

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[20 Aug 2013 | Leave A Comment]
WE'VE HAD IT WITH POLICE - Caught Planting Drugs To Arrest Store Owner

A shocking video is now making its way around the Internet. The video involves a man who was under police suspicion for selling drugs.

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[20 Aug 2013 | Leave A Comment]
POLICE OUT OF CONTROL - Homeless Couple Shot 15 Times

Justice has been served in favor of a homeless LA couple. The two were tragically shot by LA sheriff’s deputies more than 15 times.

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[16 Aug 2013 | Leave A Comment]
Black Pastor On The Ground & Handcuffed for Waving to Police!

Police are on a power trip as a black pastor, who’s also a firefighter, was forced to the ground and handcuffed for waving at them.

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[8 Aug 2013 | Leave A Comment]
Bill O’Reilly Says Black Community Did It To Themselves

He says that black people blame white people for their biggest problems, but the they should be blaming the black media and single mothers.