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KeepItTrill DMCA Copyright Policy, Contact & Resolution

Copyright / DMCA

KeepItTrill has established relationships with several artists and labels in the music industry and we strive on maintaining these relationships. Due to our relationships, we take copyright laws and DMCA laws very seriously.

KeepItTrill.com does NOT support the act of music piracy and will not post retail albums for download. All individual music mp3 links and video posts on our site are stream only, received by us from promoters, artists, labels, dj’s, etc. These media files, however, are hosted via a third party source found easily around the web and NOT hosted on or uploaded by www.KeepItTrill.com. All links to downloadable content are linked to official sources (artist/label tweet, website, etc.) and not a direct link to the content its self. If you have a Copyright/DMCA content removal request, please fill out the form below and we will have the material in question removed immediately.

Thank You For Your Support

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