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The Mo City Don, formerly known as Z-Ro, addresses his recent name change, his split with Rap-A-Lot records and J. Prince issuing a cease and desist on all of his music. Telling it like it is…



  • kmariec

    who’s the hungry dirty bastard that set this ‘mtg’ up anyway?

  • kmariec

    Z-Ro – changing his name is luda.. he still Z-RO.. still str8 Htown rap!! God Bless and Good Luck to him, no matter what!!

  • AG

    Z-ro needs to keep singing.

  • Real Fan

    I don’t know what no limit forever has plans of doing in the south but on the cool I’d love to see P reach out to Z-Ro…..straight up! The King of The Ghetto with a tank on his chest would b insane! No Limit could really establish its brand by sitting down with independent artists like Ro & others who already have an enormous fan base around the world, who just need that extra push to break a whole in the game! You see what happen with 2 Chains when given the opportunity to blow! Ro is far more versatile than 2 Chains & with the right management team behind him it would only b a matter of time before he took the world by storm! There’s a whole generation outside of Texas that would go stupid for No Limit Forever with Ro on board! That type of business is what caused No Limit to blow up from the jump! Finding quarter hourse artists like Soop, Master P & others that are real stars that are able to stand on their own will only enhance No Limits credibility in a major way! & the same goes for Z-Ro! The King of The Ghetto embodies everything that No Limit Forever is & has ever stood for! Real gangster rappers connect with the streets! What Jay-Z became to Scarface…..No Limit Forever could b to Z-Ro………….ps…..convince that crazy joker to officially change his name to “The King of The Ghetto,” throw a tank around his neck & let’s see where the new movement takes us!